Learn about the Nordic region with school children from the Nordic countries

Take part in the Nordic animation competition for school children! Come up with a good story based on this year’s Nordic theme and turn it into an animated film where images, movement and sound make your story come alive.

The main theme of the competition is the Nordic region with an emphasis on community. The community between school children across national borders, where the children will experience their culture, language and stories together in new ways. The Nordic animation competition is aimed at school children aged 9 to 13 in Denmark, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Each year, we publish a new theme with a Nordic touch. It can be traditions, language, food, folk tales, people, or nature, but also more universal and current topics such as climate, leisure, education, or dreams. The participants will be invited to a large joint online awards ceremony, where the children will watch each other’s films and present awards to each other. Expect an authentic award ceremony atmosphere!

Animation is magical. We can conjure up the other side of the earth, we can get right into the machinery of a factory, dive deep into the oceans or move right into our own bodies to find out how we work. With animation, we can describe difficult subjects and show big emotions. All things that you can apply to making your own animated film.

The challenge for the competition is simple – come up with a good story based on the year’s theme and turn it into an animated film, where images, movement and sound make your story come alive. Read more and get started with animation here. 

Remember to read the rules for the competition before you start, and follow the news on the website and Instagram, where you can also find ideas and inspiration.

Rules of the competition

Every year we come up with a new theme for your films. The team for the 2024 competition will be announced around January 2024. 

Register your class by sending an email to dlun@via.dk and wait for confirmation of your participation. Registration happens on a first-come, first-served basis.

Important dates: 
Tuesday 6 February at 14.00-15.30: Online introductory meeting for participating teachers and pedagogues. Register for the course under ANIMOK at KLC. 
Wednesday February 7 to Thursday March 14: The students produce films 
Thursday 14 March at 12.00: Deadline for submitting films 
Monday the 18th March to Wednesday March 20: The jury and the classes watch the films. The classes make film reviews and give points to the films, which will then be shared at the joint online award ceremony in true Eurovision style. 
Friday 22 March 10.00-12.00: Online joint award ceremony with film screening, award ceremony and lots of fun and games. This takes place in the cinema.

Your film must be a maximum of 2 minutes long. It must contain an intro and an outro.

You can only submit one film per class. But we encourage you to make more films in class, as you work best in groups of 4-5 pupils, when making animation. Then you can choose which film you want to submit to the competition.

There must be sound throughout your film. Unless there is a scene where it makes sense that there is no sound.
Try to work with sound at these 3 levels:

  • Sound as dialogue or monologue.
  • Sounds like a foley sound. That is, the sound of the door being opened, the kettle in the kitchen boiling, the birds whistling in the garden, etc.
  • Sounds as music. Music helps to set the mood and is used in the intro and outro. But music can also be used throughout the film. However, pay attention to whether you are allowed to use the music.

An intro workshop is offered for participating teachers and educators.

Here are presentations about animation in teaching, various techniques, materials and equipment as well as a hands-on animation workshop, where you get an insight into how easy it is to animate and give your story life.

Animation consultants are ready to help you along the way, whether it be at the start of the process, at the storyboard stage or when you are making sound. Consulting can happen online, via e-mail or by telephone.

The Nordic animation competition takes place in collaboration with Foreningen Norden and other Nordic partners 
We wish you a lot of fun with your film production!


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