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01okt09:0015:00SCI-VI Conference 2021Konferencen fokuserer på visualisering og animation i videnskabsformidling09:00 - 15:00 Parolesalen

SCI-VI Conference 2021


The SCI-VI Conference focuses on visualization and animation in science dissemination, this year under the headline “Science for Society in our spaces and places”

The Sci-Vi Conference facilitates knowledge exchange and networking between researchers in different fields and visual storytellers, seeking to explore and unfold visual science dissemination as a field. Sci-Vi is an initiative at The Animation Workshop/VIA UC seeking to explore and unfold visual science dissemination as a field, to improve science communication and focus on science productions through visualization and animation.

This year’s conference will focus on scientific dissemination in museums, in the cityscape, and other of our places and spaces.

The Sci-Vi conference brings together researchers, animators, and visual storytellers, curators, and producers to discuss, exchange knowledge and learn from state-of-the-art case studies and ongoing research projects.

Sci-Vi is supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science


    • 01/10/2021
    • 9:00 Før Sci-Vi 9:00 - 10:30kom til Champagne Brunch i Tinghallen

    • 10:45 Velkommen til Sci-Vi Konference 202110:45 - 11:00// Sia Søndergaard Leder af Sci-Vi initiativet, The Animation Workshop VIA UC

    • 11:00 Hvorfor forske i kommunikation – og hvordan? 11:00 - 11:45// Gitte Gravengaard, Associate Professor, PhD i Kommunikation, ved Afdelingen for Nordiske Studier og Sprog, University of Copenhagen.

    • 11:45 Sci-Vi filmvisning11:45 - 12:00

    • 12:00 Frokost12:00 - 12:00

    • 12:00 Rum og Steder CASES12:00 -

    • 12:00 Fra kortfilm til DOME-oplevelse og visuel formidling på Science Museerne i Aarhus12:00 - 12:30// Linda Greve Formidlingschef på Science Museerne, Aarhus Universitet. PhD I Viden og Kommunikation, kandidat I Retorik og Teologi

    • 12:30 Emotionel rumlig oplevelse12:30 - 12:45Emotionel rumlig oplevelse, Mathias Foot, B.A. Interactive Media Design, Exhibition Designer ved Kiel Zoologisches Museum

    • 12:45 Perspektiver i multiuser VR oplevelser12:45 - 13:00// Hannibal Glaser Projektleder Game Hub Denmark: Viborg og Phenomenal Viborg

    • 13:00 3 KINGS et banebrydende virtual reality teater fra White Hole Theater I samarbejde med Viborg Kommune og Late Love Production13:00 - 13:15// Lana Tankosa Nikolic; producer ved Late Love Production

    • 13:15 Min vej til stamcelle forskning som visuel kunstner – proces og erfaringer13:15 - 13:30// Cosimo Miorelli, visuel kunstner Berlin

    • 13:30 Kaffe13:30 - 13:45Kaffe

    • 13:45 Balancen mellem oplevelse og oplysning I interactive museumsudstillinger - Case studies fra the Nordsøen Oceanarium13:45 - 14:15// Peter Vistisen PhD i Strategisk Design, Associate Professor, Afdelingen for Kommunikation og Phykologi og Center for Interaktive Digitale Medier og Oplevelsesdesign

    • 14:15 Mapping Animation Possibilities in Science Communication14:15 - 14:45 // Ágota Végsö, PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa

    • 14:45 Wrap up14:45 - 15:00


(Fredag) 09:00 - 15:00



Kasernevej 8-10


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Talere til dette event

  • Cosimo Miorelli

    Cosimo Miorelli

    Visual Artist, Berlin

    Cosimo Miorelli • CZM (Biella, Italy, 1986) is a Berlin-based illustrator and live-painter. He explores and mixes diverse graphic storytelling media: illustration, live-painting, animation, comics and traditional painting. His research focuses on live performances and multimedia storytelling, including theatre productions and animated videos for museums and documentary films. CZM has collaborated with musicians, writers and performers on live performances and multimedia projects in various EU countries. More recently his work has been employed in the field of science dissemination.

    CZM also creates illustrated covers for books and graphic novels for Italian publishers.

    URL www.cosimomiorelli.com

    Visual Artist, Berlin

  • Gitte Gravengaard

    Gitte Gravengaard

    Associate Professor, PhD within Communications, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen.

    Gravengaard has worked with research communication for many years. She has performed research within the area, has facilitated a range of courses and workshops on the topic – and she has recently published a book on research communication – Forskningskommunikation – with her co-author Anders Monrad Rendtorff.

    Associate Professor, PhD within Communications, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics, University of Copenhagen.

  • Hannibal Glaser

    Hannibal Glaser

    Games and XR, Phenomenal Viborg

    Hannibal Glaser is project manager and producer at The Animation Workshop specialising in games, XR and business development. He is one of the founders of Phenomenal Viborg, an initiative that aims to broaden general public access to immersive media and XR through the development of next-generation location-based experiences (LBE).

    Games and XR, Phenomenal Viborg

  • Lana Tankosa Nikolic

    Lana Tankosa Nikolic

    Producer, Late Love Production

    Lana is the founder of Late Love Production through which she has produced award-winning animation and immersive multimedia projects. She is the co-founder and producer of the White Hole Theater, which embraces animation, VR and theatre. She works as educational coordinator at The Animation Workshop and is the chairperson and event manager of PLASTIC Collective.

    3 KINGS is a ground breaking VR theatre show in which the audience sees the actors act both physically in Mo-cap suits and virtually in VR headsets or on a screen. 3 KINGS is played outdoors on site and live in satellite venues in Europe.

    Producer, Late Love Production

  • Linda Greve

    Linda Greve

    Head of Learning at The Science Museums, Aarhus University

    Linda Greve is Head of Learning at The Science Museums, Aarhus University. She holds a PhD in knowledge communication as well as a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Theology. At The Science Museums her vision is to enable children in understanding and identifying with science through play and embodied experiences.

    The Science Museums is a part of Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University. The three museums are: The Danish Museum of the History of Science, Steno Museum, The Greenhouses in Botanical Gardens and Ole Rømer-Observatory.

    Head of Learning at The Science Museums, Aarhus University

  • Mathias Foot

    Mathias Foot

    Visual Designer

    I am a Visual Designer, lecturer and Art Director based in Kiel. My passion for the ocean led me into the field of Science Communication. At the Zoologisches Museum in Kiel I focus on interactive spatial experiences and Motion Graphics.

    Zoologisches Museum, Kiel:

    We are an institution with a long and ongoing history of scientific research and collection. This heritage as well as the unique architecture interweaves directly with the visual concepts of our exhibitions.

    Visual Designer

  • Sia Søndergaard

    Sia Søndergaard

    project manager The Animation Workshop / VIA University College

    Project manager and Producer at The Animation Workshop / VIA University College in the departments Research, Development and Projects + Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling (www.animwork.dk). Sia is the Head of the Sci-Vi initiative – Science Visualization (www.scivi.dk), and project manager in the pedagogical department Animated Learning Lab.

    URL www.scivi.dk; www.animwork.dk).

    project manager The Animation Workshop / VIA University College


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