Selected Films

VAF Awards 2020 offers a wide selection of feature films and a diverse selection of short films, which display all the best contemporary animation has to offer. All selected films are screened in the cinema during VAF 2020.

Som noget nyt introducerer vi i 2020 prisen Best Experimental. Desuden præmieres de bedste dokumentarer i VR til ANIDOX:VR Awards.


Top 3 – Sofie Edvardsson

White snakes – Amp Wong & Zhao Ji

Samouni Road – Stefano Savona

Marona’s Fantastic Tale – Anca Damian

Fritzi – Matthias Bruhn & Ralf Kukula


Altötting – Andreas Hykade

Sheela – Alma Weber

Likalike – Rebecca Blöcher

Friends – Florian Grolig

Nest – Sonja Rohleder

Brand – Jan Koester

Iktamuli – Anne-Christin Plate

The chimney swift – Frederic Schuld

Winter in the rainforest – Anu-Laura Tuttelberg

Toomas beneath the valley of the wild wolves – Chintis Lundgren

What will you do now, john? – Pooja Pottenkulam

2.3×2.6×3.2 – Jiaqi Wang

Rain – Piotr Milczarek

Knive hanging from a tree – Jihee Nam

Intermission expedition – Wiep Teeuwisse

Funeral – Thinh Nguyen

My juke-box – Florentine Grelier

Kids – Michael Frei

Heatwave – Fokion Xenos

Just a guy – Shoko Hara

Good intentions – Anna Mantzaris

Like and follow – Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest

Nest – Sonja Rodhleder

Reven og nissen – Are Austnes & Yaprak Morali

Apple tree man – Alla Vartanyan

Listen papa – Olga & Tatiana Poliektova

Montagne – Louise Cailliez


3 minutes to live – Vittorio Ascolani & Emanuelle Motti

Eadem cutis: the same skin – Nina Hopf

Blüte – Raito Low Jing-Yi

Everything’ll fall out of place – Cheyenne Canaud-Wallays

Pile – Toby Auberg

I’m not feeling very well – Suncana Brkulj

The beauty – Pascal Schelbli

Pinning – Caibei Cai

Tente 113, Idomèni – Henri Marbacher

Sh_t happens – Michaela Mihályiová & David Stumpf

The sugarcane man – Tina Obo &  Leroy Le Roux

To the dusty sea – Héloïse Ferlay

Un diable dans la poche – Mathilde Loubes & Antoine Bonnet

100,000 acres of pine – Jennifer Alice Wright

Augenblicke – Kiana Naghshineh

Blieschow – Christoph Sarow

Déjeuner sur l’herbe – Jocelyn Charles, Jules Bourgès, Nathan Harbonn-Viaud & Pierre Rougemont

Gravedad – Matisse Gonzalez

Hide n seek – Bára Halírová

Ihr – Amélie Cochet & Louis Möhrle

Prästbarn – Joel Stenbäck

Shergar – Cora Mckenna

The way of Sylvie – Verica Pospísilová Kordic


Don’t know what – Thomas Renoldner

Fragments – Jonas Hurrle

The process – Henrik Bjerregaard

The queen of dots – Michael Lyons

Finity Calling – Jasper Kuipers

From under which rock did they crawl – Daniel Suljic

An etude – Sal Cooper

Half asleep – Caibei Cai

Suggestion of least resistance – Michelle & Uri Kranot


Don’t feed these animals – Guilherme Afonso & Miguel Madaíl de Freitas

Blieschow – Christoph Sarow

Game Changer – Aviv Mano

Eaten – Mohsen Rezapour

o28 – Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle & Fabien Meyran

The Witch and the baby – Evgenia Golubeva

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