VAF Awards 2020: And the winners are...

Viborg Animation Festival's film program in 2020 offered a bubbling plurality both in technique, artistic expression, and storytelling. We are proud to present the winners of VAF Awards' seven categories and one special mention.


Marona's Fantastic Tale
Anca Damian
FR/RO, 2D animation

"The winner is a film that portrays life in its ups and downs in a beautiful, colorful and very artistic way. It fully utilizes everything animation can do in a beautiful combination of music and colors and amazing artwork."

BEST Short film

Winter in the Rainforest
Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
EE, stop motion

"For the display of an incredible technique regarding puppets and the placement of those puppets in a live-action background; forest, river and everything. We thought the confrontation between the two elements was wonderful, but also the technique says something about emotions, sensuality, danger, fragility of things. The film deserves to be watched more than once; it is a new experience every time."

BEST Experimental film

Half Asleep
Caibei Cai
CN, 2D animation

"The film “Half Asleep” receives the Best Experimental Film Award for the strong art direction, the very original atmosphere who emerges from it, and the extraordinary soundtrack."

BEST Student film

To the Dusty Sea
Héloïse Ferlay
FR, stop motion

"For a truly emotional look at real family moments, explored in a beautiful and intimate way."


Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle & Fabien Meyran
FR, 3D animation

“The film is funny, fast paced, and has funny characters. It is a good mix of the genres comedy and romance.
It is funny because the main characters are always about to get hurt. They are hit by a flood of accidents, but always make it. We think the background and character design was attractive and matched the genre of comedy well. Nice that it works without speech.”


Minimum Mass
Raqi Syed & Areito Echevarria
FR/NZ, virtual reality

"MINIMUM MASS invites you inside as a spectator of a drama with personal gravity and it does it with grace and authenticity. Theatrically staged it presents fragments of a reality of miscarriage, too often not talked about. The experience places the viewer at the center; launching us on a tragic, but also a warm and emotional journey of a couple in crisis.
MINIMUM MASS has a unique style that combines realism with a clever use of puppet-like small scale and it adds an elegantly simple yet innovative interactivity. It utilizes the medium of VR, by asking the viewer to choose and reconsider their point of view. It effectively creates a bubble - invites us in - and lets the personal drama unfold for us carefully to observe and to reflect upon."

Open workshop recidency award

Vibeke Bryld
DK, virtual reality

"We found Hush to be fascinating and contemplative - but also with a beauty of the underwater world that can become dark and scary. The project is linked to the myth and folk tales of fishermen living – and sometimes dying – with close connection to the sea.
Surrounded by the “living” water and ocean life that we cannot fully grasp, we are left back with the only option - to let go and give in to our immediate senses. Emanating both serenity and suspicion, we find this work demonstrates new potential and an exciting path ahead."

Special Mention

Hide N Seek
Bára Halírová
CZ, 2D animation

“The jury has decided to give a special mention for the graduation film by Bára Halířová: “Hide and Seek” for her poetic visions and humour as the quality of the soundtrack.”