september, 2022

30sep09:0010:30ANIMOK: Even mice belong in heavenAn adventurous story of a strange friendship

Event Details

Join us on an unforgettable and magical journey with the mouse Vilja and the fox Hvidbug! A beautiful and exciting story about an unlikely friendship you will never forget!

After a rather unfortunate incident on earth, the lively little mouse Vilja wakes up in the animal heaven. Here she meets the more cautious and shy fox, Hvidbug, which Vilja definitely thinks she has seen before… But where? Aha! It was Hvidbug who chased Vilja out on the road on earth, so it’s his fault that they both ended up in the animal heaven!

For natural reasons, they could never become friends on earth, but in the animal heaven, the situation is completely different: Here, animals can no longer eat each other, and they are freed from their natural instincts. This is very lucky, because Vilja and Hvidbug will have to work together to be successful on their journey through the strange new world. Together they embark on an amazing and unforgettable adventure. And who knows – maybe the hard-working couple still have more in common than they just think!

The screening is in Danish. Recommended from 7 years.

The film is in the VAF Best Feature competition, read more here

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