Little Allan, the human antenna

30sep16:0018:00Little Allan, the human antennaNominated for VAF Best feature 2022

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New Danish animated feature film for the whole family directed by Amalie Næsby Fick, and based on the children’s book of the same name written by Peter Frödin and Line Knutzons.

When Little Allan’s parents get divorced, he is forced to move to a brand new town with his father. His desperate search for new friends suddenly leads him to start acting as a human antenna for his older, UFO-obsessed neighbor, Helge. When the mind-reading alien, Maiken, lands at their place during an emergency, a unique friendship emerges between Alan and Maiken. But he must help her home, for Little Allan is not the only one interested in Maiken. A mad collector is also on the trail and wants an answer to the age-old question: Is there life in space and can it be stuffed? Together with his UFO-obsessed neighbor Helge, little Allan and Maiken must use all tricks to ensure that Maiken does not land in the collector’s hands.

The film is in the VAF Best Feature competition

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