My love affair with marriage

30sep20:0022:00My love affair with marriageThis film is nominated for VAF Best Feature Film 2022 - incl. Signe Baumane Q&A

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My love affair with marriage is a spectacular musical about biology, culture, and women’s role in society. Join us for the Danish premiere screening of Latvian cult director Signe Baumane’s new animated feature film

The film introduces us to the young girl Zelma, and her troubles of being the “right” kind of girl. She struggles when she finds out the boys do not like her because she has no bow in her hair, a pretty pink dress, and has quite the temperament. This struggle with boys continues, but as she gets older she realizes she wants to get married and have a husband – will she make the change? Taking us through the story of Zelma are the singing muses and the explanatory biology.

The film is created independently with the help of thousands of patreons and donations. Signe Baumane is one of the most interesting directors in animation, known for her handcrafted sets, strong visual style, and focus on women’s equality and role in society.

The film is screened in English with English subtitles. After the screening we will have Signe Baumane with us online for a Q&A

Recommened from 15 years

The film is in the VAF Best Feature competition, read more info here


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