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30sep09:0017:00Sci-Vi Conference 2022SYMBIOSIS - Imagination and visualization as interdisciplinary field of exploration

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The Sci-Vi Conference focuses on visualization and animation in science dissemination, this year under the headline “SYMBIOSIS-Imagination and visualization as an interdisciplinary field of exploration ”Sci-Vi is an initiative at The AnimationWorkshop/VIA UC seeking to explore and unfold visual science dissemination as a field. The Sci-Vi Conference facilitates knowledge exchange and networking between researchers in different fields and visual storytellers.

This year’s Sci-Vi conference will focus on how to imagine and visualize in interdisciplinary fields. Tobe resilient as human beings, we must be able to imagine new clever futures in order to keep up with the movement of life and to move life ourselves. This applies not least to researchers who move to unknown lands to investigate what we do not yet know. Throughout the ages, researchers have worked closely with visual storytellers and artists, both to enhance their imagination, and to enhance their communication and dissemination of their findings and theses to the public and investors. At this year’s sci-vi conference, we will continue that tradition of bridge-building between researchers and visual storytellers when we share experiences with these interdisciplinary collaborations. We develop our future in symbiosis, and to be resilient as human beings, to see potential, get visions, and overcome the change in any way, we must build bridges between fields of knowledge, and share our stories.

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Sci-Vi is supported by Vision Denmark and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science


(Friday) 09:00 - 17:00



Kasernevej 8-10


Speakers for this event

  • Ágota Végső

    Ágota Végső

    PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa

    Ágota Végső, PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa. Ágota is a Hungarian animated film director, illustrator, and producer. She finished her studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, MOME, in Budapest. Since 2014 she has worked for The Animation Workshop/VIA University College as a production manager and producer, leading a collaboration with TED-ed. She is part of
    the Sci-Vi initiative in Viborg Denmark. Currently, she is investigating the vital role of animation in science communication as a Ph.D. student at NOVA University Lisbon

    PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa

  • Aurelija Armoskaite

    Aurelija Armoskaite

    Ph.D Student at Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Department of Planning, Aalborg University

    Aurelija Armoskaite, Ph.D Student at Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Department of Planning, Aalborg University

    Ph.D Student at Latvian Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Department of Planning, Aalborg University

  • Mathias Foot

    Mathias Foot

    Visual Designer

    I am a Visual Designer, lecturer and Art Director based in Kiel. My passion for the ocean led me into the field of Science Communication. At the Zoologisches Museum in Kiel I focus on interactive spatial experiences and Motion Graphics.

    Visual Designer

  • Simon Ball

    Simon Ball

    filmmaker and animator

    Simon is an award winning filmmaker and animator working across abstraction, documentary and commercial projects. His abstract works, in collaboration with Zai Tang, have screened and exhibited internationally. His animated documentary fil
    ms, in collaboration with scientists at the Dementia Research Centre, London, have been awarded and screened widely at animation and short film festivals. He has over ten years experience as a freelance animator and motion designer, spanning broadcast, film and commercial projects.

    filmmaker and animator


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