VAF Best Graduation Film

VAF Best Graduation Film celebrates young filmmakers from art and animation schools around the world. The program is full of playful ideas, thoughtful themes, delicious energy, and a lot of courage and desire to create and tell stories.

The films show a wide range of styles and techniques, where storytelling and ingenuity create unique ideas and visions from young filmmakers who are ready to go out into the world with their thoughtful and innovative films.

VAF Best Graduation Film receives films from art and animation schools around the world. Mix of techniques, including live-action are accepted. The length of the film must be a maximum of 15 minutes including credits.

The winner will receive €700

The award is sponsored by BoligViborg

The winner of VAF Best Graduation Film 2022 is: “Night of the living dread” by Ida Melum

A special mention goes to: “Eyeshroom” by Malgorzata Wowczak


Christian Ballund

… is headmaster and managing director at CADA Truemax.
Before starting in his current position Christian Ballund taught directing and producing at The National Film School of Denmark’s Animation Director education, where he is still an associated teacher. At the latter he put a strong focus on a more free and enabling curriculum matching current trends in production and formats. Prior to working in education, he has worked as a director, producer, and creative director on various formats mainly within commercials, interactive media, and TV, both in Denmark and abroad with several years spent working in the west Balkan region.
Christian’s many years of work within the field of new technology has made him a firm, but conservative believer in the disruptive power of new technologies and recently he was a co-creator of the VIPROS project, a cross European research project focusing on Virtual Production. He has also been a board member at the Danish Film Workers association and a consultant and teacher at The Norwegian Film School’s Master program in Production.

Torsten Jakobsen

After close to 25 years of building an internal advertising agency at LEGO and being part of growing The LEGO Group’s content into a global titan, Torsten has shifted to the boutique flavor of M2, bringing with him a focus on growing the business, strengthen creative competences and focus on building own IP’s

Julie Herdichek Baltzer

Julie Herdichek Baltzer graduated from The Animation Workshop in 2017 as a character animator having directed her graduation film Nachthexen.
Since her graduation Julie has spearheaded, directed, written, and managed various animation projects and earned a MA in script writing from the University of Southern Denmark.

Nominated films

VAF Best Graduation Film – Program 1

I Want To Be Bored – Magda Kreps – 2021 – Germany

The soloists – Mehrnaz Abdollahinia, Feben Woldehawariat, Razahk Issaka, Celeste Jamneck, Yi Liu – 2021 – France

Curiosa – Tessa Moult-Milewska – 2022- UK

Eyeshroom – Małgorzata Wowczak – 2022 – Poland

Pentola – Leo Černic – 2022 – Italy

We are not there tomorrow – Olga Kłyszewicz – 2022 – Poland

Red Giant – Anne Verbeure– 2021 – Belgium

The child and the Goose – Jade Chastan, Alice Failla, , Justine Hermetz, Sophie Lafleur, Vincent Lenn – 2021 – France

Sauna – Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren – 2021 – Switzerland

Night of the living dread – Ida Melum – 2021 – UK

Lamina – Throstur “Bibi” Soring – 2021 – Sweden

Downfall – Rona Fayad – 2021 – Lebanon

My Grandmother is an egg – Wu-Ching Chang – 2021 – UK

Lament – Anne Sineád Hodgers – 2022 – Denmark

The frolic – Jhao Yi-Han – 2021 – Taiwan

VAF Best Graduation Film – Program 2

Orange Peel – Isidora Vulic – 2021 – Serbia

Press(ed) – Senne Driesen – 2022 – Belgium

Wind whisperer – Fernanda Caicedo – 2022 – Germany/Ecuador

The immoral – Ekin Koca, Annick Teninge – 2021 – France

Laika & Nemo – Jan Gadermann, Sebastian Gadow, Konrad Wolf – 2022 – Germany

Cufufu – Bruno Quast– 2021 – Estonia

This is Only getting worse – Michael Negari, Eran Luzon – 2021 – Israel

The luggage room – Daniela Cuenca – 2021 – Spain

Misophonia Orchestra – Daniela Hýbnerová – 2022 – Czech Republic

La Chambre Du General – Georges Marion – 2021 – Denmark

Dinner with Turkey – Hleb Kuftseryn Kuftseryn – 2021 – Estonia

I dreamed of – Piotr Tokarz – 2021 – Poland