With his signature 3D work, Erwin Kho uses stylized low-poly aesthetics to create little worlds, inspired by many hours of playing strategy computer games and the infinite possibilities of Lego. His work has been featured in advertising campaigns, publications and various exhibitions.He is currently employed at Geometric Interactive in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he was responsible for the art-direction and art lead of their first game, titled ‘COCOON’.The game was released in September 2023 to critical acclaim, and has garnered many nominations, including Best Visual Art at the GDC Awards 2024, Artistic Achievement at the BAFTA Game Awards 2024 and won, amongst others, the Danish Spilprisen 2024 Award for Best Visuals.COCOON is available on Steam, XBox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.Erwin also made his own small game called ‘Noodles’, a surreal puzzle adventure game available on itch.io, for Windows and OS X.