Sofie Hvitved is a futurist and senior advisor at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, where she works at the intersection of media and technology with a focus on the future media landscape. Among other things, she has focused in recent years on the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and the major changes they bring to the media landscape. Sofie has extensive experience with keynote lectures on a wide range of topics within media and technology and has been the keynote speaker for events such as SXSW, CPH:DOX Inter:active Symposium, European News Media Forum, Global Media Congress, INMA Innovation Week, and CANNES NEXT at the Cannes Film Festival. She holds a master’s degree in Media Studies from Aarhus University and has a background in the media industry, including her work at DR Strategi & Projekt and her role as a project manager for several years at the media conference New Media Days. She is also a member of the Media Board and serves on the Advisory Board at Future Media Hubs. Read more about the institute’s focus on the metaverse here: