Track Culture


09sep(sep 9)09:0015(sep 15)16:0009:00 - 16:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureExhibition 'Archons in Viborg'Viborg's history and its well-known historic figures is brought to life trough visuel stories by the internationally known Ukrainian artist Volodymyr Podlevsky.

09sep(sep 9)09:0015(sep 15)17:0009:00 - 17:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureThe SunImagine if you could control the sun - Interactive installation

09sep(sep 9)09:0015(sep 15)17:0009:00 - 17:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureUnwanted LocalitiesEmbark on a beautiful visual journey into the comings and goings of urban environments - e.g. Viborg Baneby.

09sep(sep 9)09:0015(sep 15)18:0009:00 - 18:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureThe world's (perhaps) biggest wind chime!We need your help to add sound to Viborg and create the world's (perhaps) biggest wind chime!

09sep(sep 9)09:0015(sep 15)23:3009:00 - 23:30 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureArtistic interventions in the cityWorkshop for students at Visuel HF at the Skovgaard Museum and public locations in Viborg. The works can be experienced around the clock in the urban space

09sep(sep 9)11:0015(sep 15)17:0011:00 - 17:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureIMAGINED ISLANDS - Exhibition of Digital Art inside the Water Tower

09sep12:0016:0012:00 - 16:00(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureLive painting at Viborg Kunsthal (Anna Taina Kaleidoscope)

09sep(sep 9)20:0015(sep 15)00:0020:00 - 00:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureViborg Power Station lights up at nightExperience one of Viborg's biggest landmarks illuminated during Viborg Animation Festival

10sep17:0019:0017:00 - 19:00(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureMakværk Foam Printing Workshop

10sep18:3019:3018:30 - 19:30(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureThe history of Viborg – On the Big ScreenYou are in for a very special experience when glimpses of Viborg's history will unfold on the big screen.

11sep(sep 11)10:0013(sep 13)16:0010:00 - 16:00 (13)(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureViborg Katedralskole illuminatedThe exterior walls of Viborg Katedralskole is illuminated by animation art

13sep19:3020:3019:30 - 20:30(GMT+02:00) TrackCulture,KidsThe Illuminating Tales of the Troll EllaFantastic stories about the life of the troll Ella will be told and illuminated in the entire area in Ellekonebakken

14sep(sep 14)09:0015(sep 15)18:0009:00 - 18:00 (15)(GMT+02:00) TrackCulture,KidsThe Visual Language of the Bronze AgeExperience and learn the visual language and myths of ancient times.

14sep10:0014:0010:00 - 14:00(GMT+02:00) TrackCulture,KidsCreate Biodegradable Trophies with 'Det Finurlige Flyselskab'Bring the whole family to a playful workshop and create your very own flashy fruits and vegetables trophies!

14sep13:0015:3013:00 - 15:30(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureUrban Sketching in Viborg

14sep20:0020:4520:00 - 20:45(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureViborg Katedralskole illuminated

14sep21:3022:1521:30 - 22:15(GMT+02:00) TrackCultureViborg Katedralskole illuminated

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