ANIMOK, Mellemtrin: Global, ANIMOK Youth Jury

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The ANIMOK Youth jury are pupils from the 6th grade

They are taught how to evaluate animated films as members of a jury; what criteria should they judge the films on, how do they analyze films? How do they talk about them? 

They will see a specially selected short film program of Danish and foreign short films, discuss the merits of the nominees, and then select a winner. 

The goal of the ANIMOK Youth Jury is to provide kids with a forum where their ideas and thoughts are taken seriously. Through community building dialogue and group work, they experience different perspectives and views on the world while being challenged to think differently and watch films in new ways together in order to eventually find one winner.

The films in the program:

Tales of Zale – Flickering Lights – Sif Savery – 2022 – Denmark

With a Wool Ball (Con un ovillo de lana) – 2022

The Swineherd (Svinedrengen) – Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith – 2022 – Denmark

The Queen of the Foxes (La Reine des Renards) – Marina Rosset – 2022 – Swizterland

Princess Aubergine (Prinzessin Aubergine) – Dina Velikovskaya – 2023 – Germany

Somni – Sonja Rohleder– 2023 – Germany

Letters From the Edge of the Forest – Jelena Oroz – 2023 – Croatia

Closed to participating schools


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Closed to participating schools

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