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Together with VAF, Funday Games invite some of the great minds from the gaming industry to join us for a celebration of art in games – and the art of crafting, designing and putting life into game characters.

We believe great people make great games, so we have invited some from industry friends that will share learnings to level up your game – in more than one sense. This year is all about “Characters in Games” and how we create them.


(Thursday) 10:00 - 15:00(GMT+02:00)


Parolesalen (Arsenalet)

Kasernevej 8-10, Viborg

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Speakers for this event

  • Bo Mathorne

    Bo Mathorne

    Art director and animation film maker

    Bo is a videogame art director and animation film maker. Graduating from The Animation Workshop in 2011 he has worked on a wide range of projects before co-founding the game Autogun Heroes.A deep dive into the many facets of creating captivating, well-performing, and lightweight visuals for a 3D action-platformer, showcasing all the tricks and thrifty solutions employed in Autogun Heroes. From environments, through the character-pipeline, to artist-made shaders and particle effects, this talk shows you all the little details that make up a visual spectacle.

    Art director and animation film maker

  • Esben Kjær Ravn

    Esben Kjær Ravn

    Owner & founder of Kong Orange

    Esben runs the game development studio Kong Orange. He’ll tell you the messy story of how they went from the historical Dance Macabre to the choppy dancing death of Felix The Reaper, a protagonist once again out for life in the second installment of the storyworld in the game called Skullbeat.

    Owner & founder of Kong Orange

  • Ida Hartmann

    Ida Hartmann

    Artist & Game Writer

    She is doing her speak My Friend Gertleschraub: A speak about the process of creating wholesome, nuanced characters for narrative-driven indie games with a not so subtle hint of weirdness, feminism and pure existential dread.

    Artist & Game Writer

  • Kristian Bang Nørgaard

    Kristian Bang Nørgaard

    CEO of Funday Games

    Kristian talks about how Funday handles getting creative concept development and character design to go hand in hand with commercial aims and future market positions. The main case of the talk is Funday’s upcoming PC game Don’t Die in the West and a sneak peak is also given of an upcoming game the studio is developing.

    CEO of Funday Games

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