Entertainment Industry Art Sessions

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Entertainment Industry Art Sessions

In continuation of CAVE Conference, we are inviting you to join our open Entertainment Industry Art Sessions, where you can meet industry experts and get valuable inputs on how to create and improve your art, and understand how to get into and navigate within the Entertainment Industry!

At this event you will be able to meet:

  • Andreas Husballe, Vizlab Studios
  • Antonio Stappaerts, ArtWOD & SQETCH
  • Atey Ghailan, Envar Entertainment
  • Christian Rasmussen, Vizlab Studios
  • Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan, Envar Entertainment
  • Darek Zabrocki, Focal Point School & Darek Zabrocki Studio
  • Emmanuelle Aubeau, Fortiche (Talent Acquisition)
  • Esben Lash, IO Interactive
  • Gabriel Rubio, Envar Entertainment
  • Jama Jurabaev, Lucasfilm
  • Jort van Welbergen, HBO & Marvel
  • Leon Tukker, Wizards of the Coast
  • Maarten Hermans, Karakter & One Pixel Brush
  • Pamela Tanasovichi, Envar Entertainment (Talent Acquisition)
  • Rasmus Poulsen, IO Interactive
  • Riana Møller, Vizlab Studios
  • Ron Ashtiani, Big Thursday Creative
  • Victor Maury, IO Interactive

Here is what you can expect from the event:


The event will be divided into 2 sections.

The initial section is an intro to the event, the Industry experts, the expert’s thoughts and experiences with art in the entertainment industry.

The second section will revolve around 4 Art/Industry Sessions where you will be able to get concrete and actionable input on how to improve your art skills or how to enter and/or navigate within the entertainment industry.

Here is the full breakdown of the event:

  • 17:00 – Cinema Lobby in front of Cinema Hall 5
    Introduction to the Event
    Introduction and Questions to the Experts
  • 17:15 – Industry & Art Sessions
    In the spirit of CAVE Conference, you can participate and shuffle between industry sessions, that fits your interests. Discuss Art (Characters, Environments, Hard Surface, and Illustrations) with the experts, in group sessions – feel free to share your own work as base for the conversations or join the Industry session and get important knowledge on how to enter and navigate within the Entertainment Industry.
    Chose between one or more of the sessions:Session A: Character Concept Artists, including experts:
    Antonio Stappaerts, Gabriel Rubio, Victor MaurySession B: Environment & Hard Surface Concept Artists, including experts:
    Andreas Husballe, Jort van Welbergen, Leon Tukker, Maarten Hermans, Rasmus Poulsen,              Riana MøllerSession C: Illustrations, including experts:
    Atey Ghailan, Claudiu-Antoniu Magherusan, Esben Lash

    Session D: Industry, including experts:
    Christian Rasmussen, Emmanuelle Aubeau, Jama Jurabaev, Pamela Tanasovichi

  • 18:00/18:15 – Thank you and see you at the Palette Mixer


We are looking forward to seeing you there and wrapping up the first day of CAVE Conference by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities for personal development and advancements in your career!


(Thursday) 17:00 - 18:15(GMT+02:00)

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