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Sci-Vi Seminar 2023

When research communication moves out of text-heavy publications and becomes visual productions – a seminar on Science Visualization

What can it look like when research dissemination moves out of text-heavy publications and becomes visual expressions? When the research format moves out of books and publications and becomes visual, where does it go?

At this years Sci-Vi seminar we will look at different platforms for animated research communication.

We have chosen to present a preponderance of cases about climate and environmental productions as examples, but the day is relevant for all research- and knowledge fields and – environments as well as visual storytellers, animators, illustrators, producers and people in the visual industry in general.

Remember to book tickets for the Sci-Vi screening as well.


Sci-Vi is supported by Vision Denmark and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science


(Friday) 09:30 - 17:30(GMT-11:00)


Parolesalen (Arsenalet)

Kasernevej 8-10, Viborg

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Speakers for this event

  • Ágota Végső

    Ágota Végső

    PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa

    Ágota Végső, PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa. Ágota is a Hungarian animated film director, illustrator, and producer. She finished her studies at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, MOME, in Budapest. Since 2014 she has worked for The Animation Workshop/VIA University College as a production manager and producer, leading a collaboration with TED-ed. She is part of
    the Sci-Vi initiative in Viborg Denmark. Currently, she is investigating the vital role of animation in science communication as a Ph.D. student at NOVA University Lisbon

    PhD student in Digital Media at NOVA FCSH Lisboa

  • Ana Brzezińska

    Ana Brzezińska

    XR curator and creative producer

    Ana is an XR curator and creative producer working at the intersection of art, storytelling, and technology for over 15 years.  Currently, she is responsible for Immersive programming at Tribeca Festival, USA. Tribeca Immersive, with its competition section for spatial and digital storytelling, is considered one of the most prestigious selections in the world. Ana serves as an XR and innovation expert to the Creative Europe (European Commission framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors) and collaborates as a mentor and advisor with a number of organizations, universities, and businesses in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

    XR curator and creative producer

  • Anders Høeg Lammers

    Anders Høeg Lammers

    Journalist and researchers' editor at
    is a free, popular science news media that provides all Danes with reliable
    knowledge about research.

    Anders is a
    journalist and the researchers’ editor at He helps researchers
    communicate their knowledge in a language that most people can relate to. In
    that sense, he acts as a link between researchers and readers.

    part of Anders’ job is to convince researchers that it makes sense to
    communicate their material to non-researchers and to give them some tools on
    how to do it. That is why he holds courses, presentations and workshops in
    research communication.

    Journalist and researchers' editor at

  • Cosimo Miorelli

    Cosimo Miorelli

    Illustrator and live-painter

    Cosimo Miorelli is a Berlin-based illustrator and live-painter. He explores and mixes diverse graphic storytelling media: illustration, live-painting, animation, comics and traditional painting. His research currently focuses on live performances and multimedia storytelling, including theatre productions and animated videos for museums and documentary films

    Illustrator and live-painter

  • Jakob Kirstein Høgel

    Jakob Kirstein Høgel

    Visual anthropologist, a digital media, documentary producer and film consultant

    Jakob Høgel is a visual anthropologist, a digital media and documentary producer, as well as film consultant. A  founding member of the ANIDOX community, he is well known for producing high profile documentaries, winning numerous international awards. Høgel works as a consultant at the Danish Film Institute, West Danish Film fund and globally. Until recently he was Head of content development and co-creation at the Danish National Museum. His current position is Head of Education and Research at the National Film School of Denmark.

    Visual anthropologist, a digital media, documentary producer and film consultant

  • Jody Ghani Nordby

    Jody Ghani Nordby

    JodyPrody, Owner

    Jody Ghani Nordby graduated from the Animation Workshop in 2012 and has since been working as an animation director, illustrator and artist, in her company JodyPrody. She originally trained as an acoustic engineer and worked in the field of psychoacoustics for several years. She now specialises in using animation to disseminate subjects within science, health, education and culture. 

    JodyPrody, Owner

  • Juliette Lindhout

    Juliette Lindhout

    Sr. Project manager at Studio Louter

    Juliette Lindhout, Sr. Project manager at Studio Louter, Content Design Studio from the Netherlands. Studio Louter is an experienced content design agency that focuses on concept and narrative development. We use our own method Emotion Design to do is. Juliette is an experienced project manager spec complex projects involving multiple stakeholders.Creating unforgettable experiences using Emotion DesignJuliette Lindhout, project manager from content design agency Studio Louter, will explain the process of developing museum experiences with the studio’s emotion design method. We give people unforgettable experiences by emotionally involving them in meaningful stories. 

    Sr. Project manager at Studio Louter

  • Louise Haugstrup Jensen

    Louise Haugstrup Jensen

    Danish film institute’s Strategic advisor

    is the Danish film institute’s Strategic advisor for the film industry on
    communication, marketing and distribution strategies.

    role includes evaluation of market and audience potential of new film projects
    in the making.

    specializes in film, series, documentaries, kids content, audience research,
    marketing, PR, social media, distribution.

    Louise is also involved in strategic planning of XR
    distribution in Denmark.

    Danish film institute’s Strategic advisor

  • Maria Mercedes Guala

    Maria Mercedes Guala

    Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

    Maria Mercedes Guala is
    a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. In addition to her clinical work, her focus
    is on the co-production of innovative material to help people with eating
    disorders. She is currently working on a PhD. at the University of Southern Denmark
    to investigate the effectiveness of a digital game “Maze Out” and its
    potential in eating disorders field. 

    Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

  • Martina Scarpelli

    Martina Scarpelli

    Animation director

    Scarpelli is an Italian director & producer based in Denmark with a
    background in Fine Art and animation. She works as director and producer for
    personal projects and clients. She is co-founder of Viborg based PLASTIC Art
    Collective, creative director at White Hole Theater, and Viborg Museum.
    Currently working on a multimedia Concert “Songs of Envy”.

    Animation director

  • Michelle Kranot

    Michelle Kranot

    Co-founder and producer of ANIDOX

    Michelle Kranot is the co-founder and producer of ANIDOX. A filmmaker and multimedia artistbased in Denmark, she has been working with her partner and co-director Uri Kranot as a duo for 20 years. Michelle is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and The Académie des César. She has been recently honored with the Grand Jury Prize for Best VR Immersive Work at the 77th La Biennale di Venezia and Best Immersive XR at the 74th Cannes Film Festival. Michelle holds the position of researcher and project leader at The Animation Workshop.

    Co-founder and producer of ANIDOX

  • Sia Søndergaard

    Sia Søndergaard

    Project Manager The Animation Workshop / VIA University College

    Project manager and Producer at The Animation Workshop / VIA University College in the departments Research, Development and Projects + Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling ( Sia is the Head of the Sci-Vi initiative – Science Visualization (, and project manager in the pedagogical department Animated Learning Lab.


    Project Manager The Animation Workshop / VIA University College


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