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Welcome to CMIF 2023, the annual one-day conference tailored for Producers and Creative Leads within the animation and VFX industry, set against the vibrant backdrop of the Viborg Animation Festival.

The purpose of CMIF is to guide you through the dynamic currents of the animation industry, embrace fresh perspectives, share knowledge and inspiration, as well as engage in networking. Hopefully, CMIF will be the stepping stone towards your next great project, partnership, or idea.

Throughout its history, the animation industry has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology or adapted new technologies, techniques and production methods, resulting in ever-evolving forms of storytelling and entertainment. CMIF 2023 will take a look at where we are now and what to expect and how new technology will influence creative choices, mindsets and business models.


  • Sofie Hvitved, Senior Advisor & Head of Media, Copenhagen Institute of Futures studies: Perspectives on the future of the Media Industry
  • Dylan Sisson, Pixar: Exploring the Boundaries of Creativity: AI, VR, and VFX
  • Erik Smitt, Director of Creative Production, Skydance: Creative Production, Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Paneurama, Morten Thorning & Roberta Jablonskyte: Presentation of a new alliance across industry, education and R&D. 
  • Philippe Llerena, CTO Fortiche & Emmanuelle Aubeau, Talent Acquisition Manager Fortiche: ARCANE: Behind the Scenes of the Hit Series: Target Audience, New Technologies, and Talent Search. They will explore different aspects, such as defining the target audience, discussing talent acquisition challenges, and highlighting innovative production technologies.
  • Danske Filminstruktører and VAF presents: 6 pitches for content aimed at an adult audience (read more here)

… and Networking opportunities.

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(Thursday) 09:00 - 18:30(GMT+02:00)


Speakers for this event

  • Dylan Sisson

    Dylan Sisson

    Digital artist and VFX veteran at Pixar

    Dylan Sisson is a seasoned digital artist with over 25 years of expertise in animation and visual effects. He’s been a key figure at Pixar Animation Studios since 1999, significantly contributing to the evolution and promotion of RenderMan. Additionally, Dylan is the creator and designer of Pixar’s RenderMan Walking Teapot.In addition to his role at Pixar, today Dylan is an active artist exploring emerging media in VR, AI, 3D printing, and stylized rendering. He is dedicated to exploring the potential of new technologies and inspiring others to do the same. 

    Digital artist and VFX veteran at Pixar

  • Emmanuelle Aubeau

    Emmanuelle Aubeau

    Talent Acquisition Manager & School Partnerships, Fortiche Productions

    has been working in the animation sector for 15 years. She was in charge of
    corporate relations at ISART Digital for 7 years, then at IIM (Institut de
    l’Internet et du Multimédia) for 2 years. Eager to discover the other side of
    her job, she joined Fortiche in 2019, where she restructured the recruitment
    process and rapidly strengthened partnerships with schools.
    As Talent Acquisition Manager, Emmanuelle supports all supervisors and managers
    in talent sourcing and recruitment stages.

    Talent Acquisition Manager & School Partnerships, Fortiche Productions

  • Erik Smitt

    Erik Smitt

    Director of Creative Production, Skydance: Creative Production, Two Sides of the Same Coin

    Erik Smitt is a cinematographer with over two decades of experience in feature animation. He began his career at Pixar Animation Studios, growing as an artist and filmmaker to be the Director of Photography on many productions (Piper, Incredibles 2). Three years ago, Erik joined the burgeoning Skydance Animation Studios team (Blush, Luck, Spellbound, Pookoo, Ray Gunn) as the Director of Creative Production, helping to elevate our visual storytelling and realize our studio’s filmmaking goals.

    Director of Creative Production, Skydance: Creative Production, Two Sides of the Same Coin

  • Kristian Andreasen

    Kristian Andreasen

    Founder Kanda

    Coming from a background in Engineering and Computer Science. Kristian has always been fascinated by what happens when Humans meet new technologies. Kristian is the founder of Kanda, where he is working to reimagine how technical training in renewable industries can be done. His focus is on the application of Virtual Reality, but he is equally fascinated by the emerging fields of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Fusion Energy.  Hailing from the dark and unexplored western part of Denmark. Kristian explores the field of Extended Reality with a healthy dose of utilitarian scepticism.

    Founder Kanda

  • Philippe Llerena

    Philippe Llerena

    Chief Technology Officer at Fortiche Production

    Science graduate, Philippe Llerena chose
    to put his expertise in quantum physics and mathematics at the service of 3D,
    starting out as a Compositing Artist for major special effects studios. He then
    put his expertise in rendering, compositing and lighting to work for Superprod,
    The Yard, On Animation as well as Isart Digital school. Today, he is the Chief
    Technology Officer at Fortiche Production, the animation studio behind the hit
    series ARCANE, League of Legends.

    Chief Technology Officer at Fortiche Production

  • Sofie Hvitved

    Sofie Hvitved

    Senior Advisor & Head of Media, Copenhagen Institute for Futures studies

    Sofie Hvitved is a futurist and senior advisor at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, where she works at the intersection of media and technology with a focus on the future media landscape. Among other things, she has focused in recent years on the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and the major changes they bring to the media landscape. Sofie has extensive experience with keynote lectures on a wide range of topics within media and technology and has been the keynote speaker for events such as SXSW, CPH:DOX Inter:active Symposium, European News Media Forum, Global Media Congress, INMA Innovation Week, and CANNES NEXT at the Cannes Film Festival. She holds a master’s degree in Media Studies from Aarhus University and has a background in the media industry, including her work at DR Strategi & Projekt and her role as a project manager for several years at the media conference New Media Days. She is also a member of the Media Board and serves on the Advisory Board at Future Media Hubs. Read more about the institute’s focus on the metaverse here:

    Senior Advisor & Head of Media, Copenhagen Institute for Futures studies


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