What's cooking in DK? 2022 - focus on TV-shows

01oct12:3014:30What's cooking in DK? 2022 - focus on TV-showsA showcase from the Danish animation industry

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“Whats cooking in DK” is an annual focus on Danish animation during VAF. This year we’ll dive into animated tv-series and shows, and get a glance into the development and succes with current Danish productions. 

Animated tv-shows is a central part of entertainmetn for kids today, both with national broadcasters as well as commercial streaming services. But the channels are booming with foreign content and there is a lack in animated shows with relatable stories from Danish life and culture.  

We will take a look at DR’s massive investment in animation, as well as Animation Denmark’s work to support and evolve the Danish animation industry, which is currently booming. There are many ideas and great ambition among producers, studios and filmmakers, but how far along are we? What potentials lay ahead? And what challenges? What is needed to make the Danish animation industry flourish? 


  • KENDER DU HENDE – Copenhagen Bombay, Karla Von Bengtson  
  • Team Nuggets – Sparre Productions, Irene Sparre 
  • Hunden Ib – Minicosmos, Henrik Danstrup Holst 
  • Hullet i Hækken – Esben Toft Jakobsen, Petter Lindblad & Mette Ilene

The Open Workshop  presents the following projects:

  • Esse og Rolf – Katrine Glenhammer 
  • Aisha and old man Arthur – Niels Andersen 
  • Rille og Julia – Jonas Hjolman 
  • The legend of the great skull – Lamberto Anderloni & Maria Kruse Gaardbo 

After the event, you’ll be able to join the screening of nominated films in the category Open Workshop Danish Talent Award. In the break you can meet and chat with the Danish Animation Society (ANIS) and the organization Danish Film directors.


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